Nothing Says Fresh Like a New Coat of Paint

The exterior of your home says a lot about you.

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Put your best face forward with a fresh new color for the exterior of your home. Maybe you’re hoping there’s a diamond in the rough under the weathered, chipped paint covering it now, or maybe it’s just time for something new. Whatever your reasons for needing a Pleasanton, CA exterior painting service, Scott’s Painting has got you covered. They’ll climb the ladders and do the heavy lifting while you spend your valuable time on more important things. Once you’ve chosen the right custom wall color for your home or business, Scott and his team can provide you with weatherproofing, door and trim painting and, of course, exterior wall painting.

Update any room with a professional paint job.

Whether you’re updating, renovating or remodeling, if you’re located near Pleasanton, California, Scott’s Painting can meet all of your interior painting requirements. High ceilings are no trouble, so don’t worry about scaling that ladder and practicing your balancing act. In addition to multi-story ceilings and walls, Scott will also paint doors and trim, refinish and stain cabinets, with courteous and professional service.